Interactive Narratives, New Media and Social Engagement

How has the digital screen changed our world in general and narrative and visual arts in particular is the broad focus of chapters of “Interactive Narratives, New Media and Social Engagement” eBook. The evolution of narrative practices from text-based literature to the advent of the digital revolution as storytelling moves from literacy to so-called post-literacy. The prevalence of new interactive digital narrative in all areas from games, to literature, to films, to video art has resulted in new forms of storytelling and, accordingly, provoked new practices of reading that transforms readers/viewers into active collaborators. Click here to download the entire E-Book.

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Trajectoires du cinema brésilien contemporain

A special issue on Contemporary Brazilian cinema post-Cinema da Retomada published in Cinémas : revue d’études cinématographiques, automne 2011, vol. 22, n° 1, p. 7-189.

Présentation. L’ascension du cinéma moderne brésilien Hudson Moura

Pragmatisme du pauvre et ressentiment petit-bourgeois Ismail Xavier

La question en question : l’interview dans le documentaire brésilien contemporain Stella Senra

Le film-dispositif dans le documentaire brésilien contemporain Consuelo Lins

Figures de l’altérité dans le documentaire contemporain César Guimarães

From City of God to City of Men: Brazilian Cinema and Television 
and the Representation of Violence
Gabriela Borges

Dossiê Jerusa Pires Ferreira

Jerusa Pires Ferreira’s Dossier is a collection of 50 documents including articles and book reviews on Ferreira’s work. Also, the collection includes Ferreira’s biographies and interviews. Among the collaborators include Jacques Migozzi, Wladimir Krisinski, J. Guinsburg, and Marlyse Meyer.