Conversations in Guarani: Forgotten Traditions, 17 minutes, Docudrama adopting subtitles strategies on translating rituals and stories from Guarani indigenous healers and shamans, Brazil-Canada, 2015-2016.

“Tears and Soul,” two documentaries (feature and short) on contemporary dance and digital corporeality. Tidal Pictures, Toronto (In Post-Production)

“Screen people,” 8 min., experimental video on screen culture.

“The secret archives of Amylton de Almeida” (Os arquivos secretos de Amylton). 54 min, 2004. Documentary about Brazilian filmmaker and film critic Amylton de Almeida. Broadcasted by TVE-Televisão Educativa do Espírito Santo and on cable by GTV in 2005. Released on DVD by ABDeC/ES in 2007.

“Ricardo Sá retrospective: from resistance to sabotage” (Ricardo Sá, da resistência à sabotagem). 19 min., 2003. Documentary about Brazilian filmmaker Ricardo Sá. Broadcasted on cable by TV Faesa.

“Orides’ web” (A teia de Orides). 11 min., 1997. Documentary about the poet Orides Fontela and Castelinho of São João Avenue in São Paulo.