Politics & Film Series

After the death of her grandmother, Teresa comes home to her matriarchal village in a near-future Brazil to find a succession of sinister events that mobilizes all of its residents.

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YouTube Channel: Film Analysis in 7 Steps

A series of videos on YouTube focusing on how to analyze a film in 7 steps.

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Jerusa Pires Ferreira

Dossiê Jerusa

An hommage and an extensive collection of Professor Jerusa Pires Ferreira’s articles, conferences, and books’ reviews.

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Oralities and Storytelling: Cinema of Mouvance

The movement of texts or the text as a movement. From medieval ages to digital era, old texts and stories have been told and reproduced in many forms and several formats: oral, fables, novels, photography, radio, graphic novels, films, television shows, to interactive narratives. This research project will focus on the displacement and adaptation of stories and imaginaries based on Zumthor’s concept of mouvance.

Mouvance is understood as the spatialization of the voice and the senses. Paul Zumthor proposes this concept as a way to think about the transmission of poetic texts from the diversity of an orality approach from the most varied cultures, such as Brazilian and African, or from European or medieval traditions. While avoiding ethnocentric or ethnological conceptions and refusing the idea of interpretation, the author conceives the idea of mouvance as a continuous reformulation.

Zumthor considers performance as a not fixed approach, but rather as a “form-force,” which involves a reverberation of the voice through the body. Mouvance makes present the eternal re-creation of the text as something that questions the relationship between the matrix or the model and its reading. Without expecting any pattern, mouvance transforms this relationship in motion and in flux. This inserts the body into language and refers to Meschonnic’s ideas on translation and literature.

Intermedias Review

This section entitled Intermedias Review posts a selected number of my students’ reviews, essays, and articles produced for my classes.

Revista Intermídias

Nesta seção do site se encontra os arquivos da revista Intermídias publicado entre 2004 e 2010