Dan Perjovschi: What happened to us? What is happening to the world we live in?

Dan Perjovschi is an anti-communist and visual artist, mixing drawings, cartoons and graffiti in artistic pieces drawn directly on the walls of museums and contemporary art spaces all over the world. What fascinates me about his work is the great sense of humour and satire about the actual facts that are happening in today’s globalized world. Perjovschi takes the simplest and most ordinary ideas and issues of the society such as clothing, or our everyday to-do lists and represents them in a totally different and most humorous way that makes the viewer realize that these “little” issues are no longer little anymore. What he identifies is the actual reality of our lives “with a profound ability to respond to his context, he deploys irony to comment cuttingly on local and global politics, economics, social and culture” (Perjovschi’s website, 2009) that we tend to ignore or bypass without regards. As we can see in one of his amazing works, photo above, he argues that capitalism in today’s world has become separated into two parts: capital and ism which separate people into two groups: capital becomes one person with the highest power and ism is the workers and employers with less power in the society.
Also, the way Perjovschi signifies his art pieces is another phenomena. He draws his pieces on the walls as the audiences are watching and attending the exhibition. In the photo below below we witness Perjovschi drawing on the walls of the gallery, and if we look closely we recognize the relevance of these issues in our lives. For instance, he draws two pair of pants one simple and the other ripped, and on top of the simple one there is a $25 price and on top of the ripped pants is a $125 price. It makes you laugh because it is true and is a reflection of the reality of our economic world.
Projects 85: Dan Perjovschi, What happened to us? t MoMA
Dan Perjovschi has introduced a new way to present globalization and its issues which people tend to grasp more when it is exhibited as little simple cartoons which speak of nothing but the reality. I believe he is a great artist who draws the most problematic issues of our society and world in the “simplest” way and that is why he makes a significant contribution in the art world. I encourage you to check out Dan Perjovschi’s website and also look at some of his interviews below. You will definitely enjoy them!
Jaleh Fotoohi