A Niagara of ‘what if’s

No hint of a plotline sullies Amazon Falls. Twenty years ago Jana starred as a curvy, big-boobed warrior princess on the b-movie circuit. Sexy, beautiful and willing, she attracted oodles of salivating fans, many of whom fondly remember those glory days.

Alas, time passes quickly, especially in Hollywood, and in these less glorious days 40-year-old Jana, still big-boobed, still curvy on a larger scale, is an anti-heroine starring in her own personal picaresque travels through hell. Not that she admits it even to herself. “I’m taking my career in a new direction,” she tells a sleazy low-budget director. “No nudity.”

Filmed on a zip budget in Burnaby, British Columbia, Amazon Falls has a naturalistic in-your-face feel and a “happy ending” but not a whole lot of depth. Oh well, that’s showbiz.

Sandra Peredo
Intermedias reviewer at VIFF 2010

Amazon Falls
Directed by Katrin Bowen