Animation Nation

Curated based on the quality of submissions, the shorts are wonderfully varied in style and technique.

Advanced Cybernetics (Steven Day, USA, 2011)
Set in a microscopic world of floating organics, this seems more like a tech
demo for the latest in computer graphics.

Bike Race (Tom Schroeder, USA, 2010)
Delicately drawn white lines against a black background illustrate an
enchanting romance within a bike race.

Box Man Hong Kong Lonely Heart (Brian Lye, Canada/Hong Kong/Australia, 2011)
With 5 minutes of film to kill, Lye shoots in the streets of Hong Kong
the love story between Boxboy and Baggirl, two bits of trash
brought hilariously to life.

Brick Novak’s Diary (Matt Piedmont, USA, 2010)
Novak is beautifully shot in high definition and hilariously scripted
by a Saturday Night Live former writer.  Customised action figures act
out the fast life and macho philosophy of our man Brick.

Friday Night Tights (Joonki Park, USA, 2010)
A student project which could pass for a Dreamworks film, centers on
two roommates on a Friday night.  One wants to party but the other has
secret plans.

Lose This Child (Yuval Nathan, Israel, 2011)
A music video featuring hatching turtles made of sand.

The Man with the Stolen Heart (Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith, UK, 2011)
Nursery rhyme narration on a man with his heart scooped out.  Not as
gruesome as it sounds, as it’s drawn in a playfully primitive style.

Moving Day (Jason Wingrove, Australia, 2011)
A wicked live-action tale of a little girl exploring her new yard on
moving day. She encounters tiny creatures who aren’t too happy about
it, resulting in an epic battle.

The Nest (Em Cooper, UK, 2011)
Cooper spent many 16-hour days painting oils on glass to illustrate
the individual points of view in a tense relationship between mother and daughter.

Out of Erasers (Erik Roselund, Denmark/Sweden, 2011)
Amongst the best of the bunch.  A dwindling supply of erasers becomes
the key in stopping a sinister invasion of reality.

Outside In/Escape Yourself (Christoph Papitsch, Austria, 2011)
A Rube Goldberg type suicide goes wrong, ejecting its victim into
the outside world.  This is another computer graphic piece used more to
showcase various effects over any real story.

Willis Wong