Kicks and Kink

by Willis Wong

With its bloody ultraviolence, sexual hijinks and saturated comic book palette, Bikini is a hentai (Japanese for pervert) cartoon come to life. Bikini was made for an amazing 5000 dollars and director Youngdoo makes the most of his budget by narrowing the concept of alien invasion to that of an epic one-man battle.

The idea of Bikini came after the director saw his actor Hong Youngguen coming out of the shower and proclaimed that he wanted Youngguen to be naked most of the time for his next film.  Much of the work for the movie was paid for by a round of drinks amongst friends that, along with acting in it, also did their own fighting stunts.

Youngguen plays Young Gun, a naive do-gooder, meek-looking in a comically fake moustache disguise but ass-kicking in action. The fate of the world is tied to his rapidly degenerating chastity in the hands (and kinky ropes) of a sexy alien. B-movie sci-fi madness in a martial arts pose.


Invasion of Alien Bikini
South Korea, 2011
Directed by Oh Youngdoo